Paver Sealing - Is it Necessary?

Maintaining the look and luster of your pavers is essential for your landscaping and curb appeal. With little maintenance your pavers can last a lifetime.

However, pavers that aren't sealed are more likely to experience mold issues, grow weeds in the joints and fade under the harsh Las Vegas sun.

Our paver sealing process prevents your pavers from loosing their color and shifting and settling caused by joint sand loss. Our paver sealers will make your pavers water-repellent and weather-proof to protect the surface from corrosion for many years.

Freshly applied paver sealing on a driveway in Las Vegas
Grey driveway pavers after sealer being applied

Our Paver Restoration Process

Our paver stone restoration process is simply, but very effective. Some of the steps we take to restore your pavers include pressure washing. We use a high volume, low pressure, hot water pressure washer to remove all stains and dirt from the pavers prior to sealing them.

We also re-sand all joints with polymeric sand, which offers protection against weeds and ants. We will also spray on wee killer as an extra layer of protection prior to sealing.

Final step of the sealing process will be applying our industrial grade sealer, that includes a non-slip additive and a color enhancement additive that will draw out and lock in the color of your pavers.

When should you seal your pavers?

For optimal results, we advise against sealing pavers until at least one year post-installation, allowing them to undergo a complete four-season weather cycle for proper curing. This timeframe ensures the removal of most lime deposits from the paver's surface. After a thorough cleaning and pressure wash, any remaining lime is eliminated, revealing the true, unblemished color of the stone. Once sealed, this vibrant color is preserved for an extended period.

While sealer manufacturers recommend re-sealing pavers every three to five years to restore their sheen, the initial application creates a long-lasting protective barrier. The sealer penetrates the stone during the first application, significantly delaying the need for resealing and preventing the pavers from aging prematurely.

At Luxresin, our team of experts specializes in paver cleaning and sealing in Las Vegas Valley. Backed by knowledge and experience, our professionals are dedicated to helping you safeguard the pavers around your home or office, ensuring maximum appearance and enjoyment. Trust us for top-notch paver maintenance and protection.

Paver sealing being done on Las Vegas driveway

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