Flake Collections

If you like to put some color or texturize your custom epoxy floor, at Luxresin, we offer a range of vinyl chip solutions. Available in six different sizes and an ocean of colors, the decorative epoxy flakes take the aesthetics of the floor to another level.

Available Chip Sizes

Solid Color Flakes

Terazzo Flakes

Garage Flakes

Marble Collection

Brownstone Collection

Modern Collection

Greystone Collection

Blended Color Chips

Quarry Collection

Metallic Pigments

Standard Colors

At Luxresin, we offer a range of solid colors – perfect solutions to those in search of floors that don’t draw too much attention, like to adopt a minimalistic approach, or want to give the impression of larger and bright space.

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At Luxresin, we understand the importance of quality epoxy flooring and how it can transform your home or business. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest standard of workmanship and affordable prices.

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